Extension Services
Extension Services

Extension services are important for providing advice and expertise in organic agriculture and its promotion. Some of the main functions of extension services are as follows:

Capacity building and technical assistance

Technical staff, experts and agronomists provide producers with technical assistance on various issues related to organic agriculture. These services are like a guide for farmers regarding production methods, challenges that the producer may encounter and their solutions, as well as counseling, offering the best opportunities based on the specific conditions of the producers. Usually, farmers address these services with questions about various problems, and they provide you with consultations through demonstrations directly on farms or training to implement organic production methods.


Extension services provide education programs for farmers according to the areas where they operate, related to organic farming practices. They disseminate information related to production techniques, disease management on farms, use of allowed inputs, certification process. Through field work meetings, trainings and materials they distribute, they help farmers with the right knowledge and skills to convert to organic farms or to maintain organic standards in production.

Building relationships in the community

Extension services are a very good tool to connect farmers and increase cooperation between actors of the organic sector. Among other things, they organize farm visits, study visits, and festive farm activities to share experiences and knowledge with each other. All these activities contribute to build a spirit of cooperation in the community, facilitate learning from each other, etc.