Certification Bodies
Certification Bodies

Certification bodies play a key role in the organic industry by enabling compliance with organic farming standards and regulations. Why certification bodies are important:


They ensure the reliability of the product

Being independent, certification bodies do their own verification of organic production. Their role is to assess and certify farms, processors and sellers to ensure compliance with the organic production regulation (standard). When a product has the organic certification (standard logo), it means that it has been subject to a control process to check compliance with the regulation in all production links of the product. The Organic Logo provided by the certification allows consumers to have the right information and make their own choices.


Development of markets and business

Certification bodies play a key role in enabling producers to sell or enter new markets. Through them, the quality of the product is proven, depending on the standards that the markets, whether local or export, may require. Organic certification enables fair trade by ensuring that within organic markets products are certified and produced to the same standards - thus maintaining the integrity of organic farming.


Continuous improvement and innovation

In addition to the basic function, certification bodies are involved in ongoing research related to the development or improvement of organic standards. They are in coherence with the findings of recent studies in this field, market and global industry trends, consumer preferences – information which is used to adapt and improve the certification process. All of the above contribute to maintaining organic standards and promoting environmentally friendly methods.

Certification BodyContact and AddressStandardsLinks
BioInspekta, AlbinspektIrjana Gjana, Koldiana Balla
E-mail: [email protected]
bi-OS (Standarti ekuivalent europian) ; NOP ; Bio Suisse dhe Ligji 106/2016www.bio-inspecta.al
EcocertMilana Kosanovic
Tel: +381 (0) 11 454 22 82
E-mail: [email protected]
EOC, NOP, EU 2018/848, EE-ECOLABwww.ecocert.com
CERESEva Maria Friedrich
Head of Organic Department
E-mail: [email protected]
Bio Suisse, COR Canada Organic, Eu organic, JAS, NOP, Biolandwww.ceres-cert.de
Bioagricert S.r.l.Tel: +39.051.562158
Email: [email protected]
Organic standard according to UK regulationwww.bioagricert.org
A CERT European Organization for Certification S.A.Tel: +302310210777
E-mail:[email protected]
For certification according to the UK standard www.a-cert.org

Below you will find the necessary information for cases where organic conversion can be accelerated. According to the law and the regulations of some standards, there are specific cases where we can have exceptions according to which the period of organic conversion for the production or processing of products can be reduced.

The links for the documentation, the Albanian law for Bio and also the various certification standards can be found below:

VKM nr.1030 datë 16.12.2020 - Processing
VKM nr.336 datë 06.06.2018 - Plant Production
bio.inspecta Organic Standard (bi-OS)
A CERT Organic Standard
Organic EOC