Allowed Inputs
A set with the necessary information including the list of allowed inputs in organic agriculture based on the Albanian Law of Organic Production, is found in the link below

There you will find all the necessary information for:

"Products and substances used in the production of processed, organic food, including yeasts and their products, excluding products of the wine sector":

    • Section A - Food additives, including carriers.
    • Section B - Processing aids and other products, which are used for the processing of ingredients of agricultural origin from organic production.
    • Section C - Processing aids for the production of yeast and yeast products.

Annex II - Products and substances that are used or added in the production of organic products of the wine sector.

Annex III - Non-organic agricultural ingredients used in the processing of organic foods.

For other countries, the legislation foresees the use of different/special inputs according to each country. Below you will find the allowed inputs lists according to various EU countries (English language) in accordance with EU organic law.