Actually in the shops and big supermarkets, the consumers are confronted with a multitude of logos, labels, and signs, highlighting specific characteristics of foodstuffs.

In front of the increasing complexity of the chain of the foodstuff production and of the concerns raised by certain crises in the food safety, the consumers demand more information on the method of production and preparation of foods, of the quality and provenance of the raw matters. Many are also demanding products more authentic, tasty and prepared according to a traditional know-how.

So, from their side, consumers are interested more and more on what they purchase. In this context, it is important to provide correct information that contributes to a better understanding of the specifity of products and the systems which are managing these products.

I n the competitive environment of the market today, where the competition is sometimes not fair, it is important to come out with a logic of an offer solely to step to a logic of answering to the demand, meaning a logic of the ‘quality’ approach. It is not anymore the situation where a standard product is presented inthe market and the difference is done through the price, but to segment the market on the qualitative products indentified, guaranteed and responding to the
expectations of the consumer. This is the reason that an increasing number of producers claim a link with the provenance, associated with a cultural dimension.

To give the possibility to consumers to perceive products, have a better information and be sure on their decision of buying, as well as allow producers to distinguish themselves and transmit more trust through the products produced and placed in the market, we are presenting our approach of Albanian Guarantee.

What is Albanian Guarantee?

A wide range of products produced and placed in the market bear or are promoted as being from Albania. However, consumers are realising that promoted as being from Albania, does not significantly meaning the product is really produced and prepared within Albania.

To meet these consumer’s expectations we have established: ALBANIAN GUARANTEE.

Albanian Guarantee is a labelling system ensuring consumers on the origin and characteristics A of the foodstuffs, through application of the requirements of the regulation in the level of production, preparation and of strict controls conducted at all stages of production,preparation and trade.

The ALBANIAN GUARANTEE certified products will be identified in the market through two logos:These logos identify not only a qualitative product, but also the special characteristics of our nature, soil, climate and tradition.

Why demand for Albanian Guarantee products?

ALBANIAN GUARANTEE is established with the aim of distinguishing products produced and prepared in Albania, respecting requirements that guide consumers on their selection of foodstuffs during purchasing. This guide helps them identifying the products that are assured on characteristics:

  • Albanian Origin Guaranteed
  •  Safety Assured: No GMO-s at any stage
  •  Quality To Satisfy Consumers Expectations
  •  Control System Throughout All The Chain
  •  Environmental Awareness


Consumers, look for our logos in the shelves!

Be sure products are really produced in Albania!

Why apply for an Albanian Guarantee certification?

Producers need for positioning in the market and assuring consumers on the characteristics of the products will be made sure through:

  • Logo identification for the products, registered and protected
  •  Control system and certification of products
  •  Building trust at consumers level
  •  Protection from frauds
  •  Promotion and marketing