General Profile:

The Albanian Association of Marketing (AAM) is an organization of dedicated professionals with strong marketing and public administration background. Its team is specialized in marketing disciplines, market intelligence and channels, technologies and other market related activities. Founded in 2010, AAM currently counts many achievement and cooperation with prominent local and international organizations.Its services relate to both public and private organizations, supporting them in the creation and where to buy xanax
delivery of solutions to build better relations with their customers and other stakeholders through efficient marketing and promotion techniques. In some cases this involves the development and promotion of standards relating to “best marketing practices” and “responsible marketing”. In all this, consumer survey work and other researches lay the ground to understand consumer perceptions to find solutions how to best respond to their interest and concerns through aligning marketing with production practices.

AAM is action oriented organization that applies its concepts functionally to different domains and sectors, including Agriculture, Environment, SME Development, and Education. We aim to alter the cooperation of stakeholders in various industries, and therefore our organization to be the first choice for organizations and companies for development and market issues.

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To be the premier source of the advancement of marketing knowledge while inspiring a passion for marketing within Albania and beyond.

AM’s mission is to establish and foster marketing practice and market oriented approaches in Albania. This is done through:

  • Facilitating knowledge exchange and marketing problem solving among marketing educators, practitioners, and public policymakers.
  • Fostering a culture for excellence in teaching and working.
  • Utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance our activities and offerings.
  • Facilitating the application of marketing knowledge and tools to improve society.
Operational Mechanism & Services:

In order to pursue its mission and achieve its goals AAM finds itself involved and contributing to many industries. AAM offers a rich variety of products and activities to all members of marketing community trying to be their industry choice. Together with them we help each other in:

  • Understanding markets and its demands.
  • Developing strategy and marketing/business plans.
  • Developing and managing brands/marks and reputation.
  • Selecting and managing channels to market.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing.
  • Project Monitoring and Evaluation.
  • Researches, surveys, market and economic analysis, etc.
  • Collecting, storing and utilizing data effectively
  • Ensuring regulatory and legislative compliance.
  • Managing the ongoing commercial viability of products and services.
  • Designing, organizing events, sponsorship and PR activities.
  • Acknowledging market standards.
  • Increasing comprehensive capacities through interpretation services and market tailored training programs.
Since its inception in 2010, AAM has worked closed with many local and international organizations in different industries, such as Education, Environment, Agriculture, Rural Development, Tourism, Media, Telecommunication, etc. Among its partners can be highlighted: Ministry of Education and Science (MASH), Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Consumer Protection (MoAFCP), Albanian Association of Municipalities, Municipality of Berat, Municipality of Korca, Elbasan, Skrapar, United Nations Development Programme, Netherlands Development Organization, Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC), Swiss Import Promotion Program me (SIPPO), Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Research Institute for Organic Agriculture (FiBL), USAID, Albanian Academy of Sciences, National Public Television (TVSH), Albanian Mobile Communication (AMC), Albanian Local Capacity Development Foundation (ALCDF), Albanian Consultants Network (ACN), etc.

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Completed Assignments & Activities:

Main recent AAM projects and events are the followings:

Research studies:

The following research studies are conducted: Tourism Sector analysis in Kosovo, Youth employment opportunities in Albania, Organic sector study, research studies on development of new agro tourism initiatives and drafting of respective interventions in Southern and Northern Albania (including areas of Vlora, Saranda, Tropoja, Malesi e Madhe, Kukes, Shkoder, Velipoje,); the role of consumer’ preferences for travel destinations in Albania, etc.

Employment Generation through improvement of marketing services for agro sector in Albania, (National Employment Service, Risi Albania –SDC) 2015-2016

Capacity building for the youth of Fier, Berat and Korca for marketing related services in agro sector. Implementing Marketing tailored training, practical experience with agro businesses and employment generation for the youth.

Development of MAP sector in Albania, SGE/Swiss Import Promotion Program Organization (SIPPO), 2014-2015

Intervention in supporting exchange of experience, industry platform and  and study tours, improve technology, promote Albanian MAP products, etc.

Rural Development Program in Lezha areas, supported by SDC and ADA, 2014-2015

Support for Lezha Qark and Local Governmental Units for the rural development of the operating areas and the improvement of market access, regional branding of the typical local products.

Conservation of Agro-biodiversity, CABRA 2014-2015

The main objective of this project is the improvement of agro-biodiversity situation in the North of Albania and the promotion of tourism entities. AAM has contributed mainly in the capacity building activities of women groups in Shkrel, Kelmend, Lekbibaj, Theth etc, promotion activities, local fairs etc.

Promoting private sector Employment in Kosovo

The project is supported by Government of Switzerland and implemented by a consortium of Swisscontact as lead, Riinvest Institute and PEM Consult. AAM has provided trainings sessions on topics M4P strategies & Women Economic Empowerment, Market research studies on agro-processing and tourism, backstopping etc.

Educational program for the schools in Tirana regarding Albanian typical products and healthy lifestyle

In cooperation with Ministry of Education, Ministry of Agriculture (2013)

Horticulture Promotion in Kosovo (Backstopping of Project Implementation Unit)

This project is founded by Government of Switzerland and Government of Denmark. AAM has backstopped the implementation agency (Riinvest Institute) for the period 2011-2012. The project overall goal was the creation of sustainable employment and income through the promotion of the horticulture-agribusiness sector and thereby helping to improve overall rural livelihoods.

Video legacy of Albanian Academy of Sciences (Producer)

In 2012 AAM produced the first video legacy for the Albanian Academy of Sciences to include academic thinking from its inception until today.

Summer Day in Elbasan festivities

In 2011 and 2012 AAM organized all events related to summer day festivities in Elbasan to include workshops, exhibition fairs, concerts competitions, games and additional entertainment.

Community dialogue for the problems high education and promotion of relevant legislation (Producers)

In 2011 and 2012 AAM organized a series of events to include talk shows, TV documentaries and awareness campaign to promote the Albanian legislation on high education. This was done in cooperation with Ministry of Education and Science.

First International Organic Conference (Organizer)

In 2011 AAM organized the First National Organic Conference with participation of relevant organic stakeholders. This event was organized in cooperation with MoAFCP and FiBL.

Albania Organic Sector study (co author)

In 2011 AAM leaders in cooperation with Albanian Ministry of Agriculture and FiBL Institute – Switzerland has published organic sector study for Albania.

Territorial (Youth) Employment Pact (TEP)

In April 2011 AAM has partnered with ILO to provide technical assistance and trainings services to pursue the formalization of workers and enterprises in Kukes Region.

Regional employment and Training Project

In 2012 AAM has implemented “Rural development and youth employment through interventions in agribusiness sector” project. The project was financed by ILO and Regional Council of Shkodra.

Development of the Lamb Value Chain

In 2012 AAM experts have partnered with UNDP to develop the market activities in frame of the EU financed project Improvement of Livestock Sector in Albania.

Preparation of Corporate Responsibility Reports (Consultant)

AAM has prepared several Corporate Responsibility Reports to comply with requirements and guidelines of Global Reporting Initiatives.

Development of Korca Apple Brand

In 2012 AAM cooperated with ProMali, a project funded by Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and SNV to prepare a brand and development strategy for Korca apples.

Brand development strategies for small enterprises in the area of Permet (Consultant)

In 2011 AAM cooperated with CESVI to design a strategy and assist small entrepreneurs grouped under the consortium Pro-Permet develop their business and penetrate new markets.

Facilitation of Albanian Exporters Presence in Biofach, Nuremberg, Germany

In 2010 up to now, AAM has facilitated Albanian Organic Exporters presence in Biofach, the world’s biggest organic trade fair.

Development of a Food Quality Standard (Owner)

AAM has developed a Food Quality Standard for typical Albanian products named Albanian Guarantee. So far over 85 products are certified to be in compliant with this standard and successfully traded in the most important retailing chains in Albania and Healthy shops.

Management of premium market sales points for Albanian typical products.

AAM has a large network with market representatives and is managing the healthy corners spaces in supermarkets according to the brand strategies owned.

Preparation of marketing plans, proposals and applications

AAM has prepared business plans, marketing plans, marketing strategies, proposals, applications and reports on behalf of many organizations.