Monthly Archives: December 2016

Albanian Guarantee standard is a quality standard including many typical products from Albania which are differentiated in the domestic market through a special branding scheme. Both brands represent not only origin of the products but their values, use of local recourses, environment protection, etc. AAM is working to further diversify the range of the brand […]

Albanian Association of Marketing in close cooperation with Cesvi organization is working to promote Skrapar youth in performing agro tourism initiatives. It is expected that some participants from the program of “Increasing Capacities of Youth in marketing services for Agro businesses” start to provide tourism services to potential touristic groups in this area. As part […]

Albanian Association of Marketing supported by SARED-GIZ Project have organized some round tables discussions in Rec, Razem, Shkrel, Tamare, etc with the women groups involved in Medicinal and Aromatic Plants industry regarding drafting a common proposal for women groups increasing their incomes and improving their situation in remote areas.  About 40 women were involved in […]

On April 2016, Albanian Association of Marketing in cooperation with AAC Lushnja /USAID implemented the first stakeholders’ workshop in Konispol regarding development of an umbrella brand for local products. The workshop was attended by 32 participants. The workshop was implementing considering two important phases: the first one provided theoretical and practical knowledge and information for […]

During period of February-April 2016, AAM has organized practical training sessions for the youth of Korca, Skrapar and Fier. The program is implemented in cooperation with national Employment Service and supported by Risi Albania project. After successfully accomplishing the first theoretical training course, the youth has been trained in different agro businesses companies performing marketing […]